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Rob came out to help me and my family when our battery died in Charlottesville. He was as friendly as could be, and got us back on the road quickly.
Michael Lynch
Rob came out to help me and my family when our battery died in Charlottesville. He was as friendly as could be, and got us back on the road quickly.
Michael Lynch
Our car died in line at a parking garage late Saturday night so we called AAA. Drumheller towing was called and a young man ?Brian went over the electrical system carefully with diagnostic equipment and determined that the battery failed (8 years old). He was extremely thorough and professional and we appreciate the attention we were given and the fact we had a functioning car again. Being out of state made this a little more important as well. Kudos to him.
Robert E Hoyt
Drumhellers Towing provided excellent service when I needed help moving a heavy piece of industrial equipment. Sharon responded to my request very quickly and followed up the morning of the move. The driver (I forgot to ask his name!) was exceptionally helpful and patient as we figured out how best to load and secure the tool, then to unload it at the destination. Both of them were friendly and a pleasure to deal with, and their price was better than if I'd rented a truck to do the move myself. I've had similar experiences in the ...
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couple of times I've had my car towed to the shop by Drumhellers as well through AAA. I will DEFINITELY be using them again.
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Damon C
I was stranded on the side of Route 29; with my 2 dogs. I forgot my cell phone at home. A Drumheller's Tow Truck drove by and I waved and waved. 2 minutes later William was pulling over next to my car. William went above and beyond the call of duty, helped me when it would have been totally understandable to have kept on heading North. William made the AAA call for me, contacted Drumhellers to let them know what he was doing (Drumhellers completely supported William and his helping me) and got me to my ...
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Garage in Charlottesville with a kind, warm and truly caring smile on his face the entire time. BEST COMPANY EVER.
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Tara Murray
I was so impressed by how knowledgable and kind the two gentlemen I worked with were. They helped me to get my car to a shop, and brought me water in the heat! I would definitely recommend, and use their services again.
Molly Fritz
Best guys in town very quick to help & the drivers will go out the way to help you
I'm always well pleased with your service and I've used you many times. Your drivers are competent and personable.
Art Thomas
Drumhellers is the best towing company! We have had them rescue our cars several times over the years when we have had to call AAA. They are quick and just really professional. I wouldn't want any other towing company to touch our cars. Needing to have your car towed is usually an unhappy experience, but interacting with the Drumheller folks makes it better for sure. 5 stars!
Lisa Goehler
Great service
Bill Hardy
We were towed yesterday from Charlottesville, Va. on our way home to Gloucester, Va. George T. was awesome and got us home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! We couldn't be more thankful for his kindness and professionalism. My 8 year old son and I have a wonderful memory to share from a crappy circumstance. Thanks George T. and hope you had a great dinner when you got home. Stay safe out there.
David W. Harper II
Excellent job. Have had Drumhellers sent to me by AAA on several occasions, dead battery, key locked in vehicle and last night hit something on I64 and had a tire disintegrate at 80mph. They got to me quick, towed me to the next exit and changed out the tire for me. Great job
Karl Schwolow
Thank you for your quick response today on my flat tire on my kia soul.Your service tech was so nice and very professional .
Annette Trombley
I would like to compliment you on the service we received today The driver, Willilam was top notch. He was professional, courteous and really knew what he was doing. It only took him a few minutes to asess the situation and had us up and running a few minutes after that. He represents your company very well. We would definately use you again.
Pat Overton
I called AAA when my daughter's car wouldn't start this past Friday. The AAA battery mechanic discovered the serpentine belt had fallen off due to a jammed stick. He arranged for Drumheller's Towing to come and take the car to a repair shop to reinstall the belt. Charlie from Drumheller's Towing looked at the problem and quickly reinstalled the belt without having to tow the car. He was courteous and concerned about helping us. Very kind individual. Everything is working fine with my daughter's car thanks to Charlie who took the time to assist.
Mary Asby
Called AAA for towing service. Tony was friendly, truck was clean, he took great care with our aging pickup, and parked it exactly where I requested. He also arrived faster than the time AAA estimated, by a significant amount. He was also a cautious and safe driver. Highly recommend this company based on this one interaction!
Kara Davidson
Called AAA today while out shopping as car would not start. I thought the battery was dead. David arrived in less than 20 minutes, checked the battery, installed a new one, doing an excellent job. However, even with a new battery the car still would not start, suggesting a problem with the starter. David called Tony for me who arrived with a flat bed truck in about 12 minutes. He loaded the car, dropped me and the car off at the repair shop where my wife was waiting for me. Tony also provided excellent service. I was 2 for 2 ...
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today with Drumheller's ! Highly recommended! Thanks.
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Jeffrey Fracher
Today My Mini Cooper blew a tire on I64 in Charlottesville. I called AAA and within 25 minutes a truck responded. Unfortunately, I did not ask the driver his name, but he was a very large and capable person. Not only did he get my car off I64 which was on the shoulder in a precarious position, but I had a doctors appt in Richmond and I asked if he could take me and the car to a Goodyear center off Gaskins Rd, which he did. I cannot say enough good things about him, sorry I ...
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didn't ask him his name but he was a true saint. You folks operate a sensationaly service and I sincerely thank you. Richard Woodard
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Richard V. Woodard
Called for AAA service. Robbie came out and was very nice and helpful! Thank you!
Blake Lunnen
If I could give Drumheller's Towing & Recovery ZERO stars I WOULD. My husband was in a bad car crash and Drumheller's was given the job of towing the vehicle. After 10 hours in the emergency room and my husband receiving stitches in his face from a plastic surgeon because the gashes were so bad, my mother-in-law and I contacted Drumheller's to be able to retrieve all belongings from the truck. My Mother-in-law called first and was hung up on. The second phone call, the employee, Chris, was very rude to my mother-in-law and made her feel ...
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belittled because she didn't know the protocol for retrieving a vehicle from an accident. I also called Chris, who was short and agitated by my phone call as well. When I asked where their location was, he gave me as little information as possible. He claimed to my mother-in-law that there was no one available at the Charlottesville shop to meet us for the truck which was a blatant lie. Even though, he told us we were not allowed to get to the truck even though we had all appropriate information for ownership, we decided to still try and find the location so that we could hopefully get things the next day. Upon arrival, I found two male employees laying on couches in the dark with their legs propped up and crossed on the couch's arm watching t.v. I asked the men if I could get to the truck and they didn't even get up or have the common decency to look me in the eye and say no. They just muttered to me without skipping a beat of watching t.v. I then asked if I could at least go and see the truck and they responded, while still not looking or getting up to speak to me, by saying that I could look through the fence line. Our conversation ended when one of the guys just said to the other, not even to me "Dispatch told me to not let them in." They were about as helpful and respectful as a stick. Frustrated, I walked out of the door to tell my mother-in-law what had just happened. We sat there in dismay in the truck, and after about 10 minutes of trying to make sense of the situation the guys came out for a smoke break. One guy spoke to us for a moment and said that he was always there from morning until about 11 at night, so obviously Chris lied about no one being available. Today, we called to speak to the owner, Sharon. She as well is unhelpful and uncaring. She admitted to telling the dispatch not to allow us back to the truck and admitted to telling him to lie to us that no one was available. No one ever should or wants to be placed in the situation where a loved one has injured themselves so terribly bad. These people had no idea what the outcome of the accident was, whether my husband was safe or if he had died. There was no empathy in helping us understand what needed to be done in the situation after such a traumatic experience. Instead of helping bring the situation to a close, they just added more stress, emotional pain and frustration. I have never in my life been treated with such disrespect, such lack of empathy or care as well as unprofessionalism. I myself, am a business owner and understand the importance of putting the customer first which is obviously not a priority for Sharon and her business. She is a direct reflection of what her employees are, just there to get a paycheck. I am in the process of reporting this company to the Albemarle County Police department to do whatever I can to have them removed from the list of possible tow companies for vehicle crashes. Situations such as these are stressful and traumatic enough without having to add more stress from people who are not willing to communicate properly to you, give you the time of day or even tell you the truth. Please do not use this company, and if you are in an accident do whatever you can to make sure the officers do not have Drumheller's tow your vehicle. No one deserves what my family has gone through and hopefully my efforts to report them will be helpful in making sure that no one has to.
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Sarah Oliva